Emilia Clarke

Is it Game Over Time or Game On? Emilia Clarke continues to forge ahead in…


JOY AND GOODWILL SHARING AND CARING THIS SEASON This year, there will be a different…

Yupun Abeykoon

Speed Seeker Yupun Abeykoon is a hard man to track down – literally! For one,…

Gal Gadot

Reality Check Gal Gadot’s ability to handle criticism has provided her with a spirit that’s…

Dr. Natalie Cooke

She exudes a sense of confidence and there’s a definitive aura around her as Dr. Natalie Cooke


This year has proven to be one of adaptations with countless directors looking for inspiration through the pages of a novel; and Ben Wheatley’s Rebecca is his attempt at looking for awe-inspiring content.

The Devil All the Time

An orphaned boy, two romantically involved serial killers, a corrupt sheriff, several guileless young women and two very confused preachers…

From gothic novel remakes to a sweeping romantic comedy by Sex and the City creator Darren Star, to a true story of the search for political justice — here are the new Netflix films and shows to watch in October and beyond.

Reel Talk

Only true horror fans know how scary it is to sit through a movie that makes you want to gouge your eyes out. Let’s face it, the genre is notorious

Reel Talk

For a show that’s equivalent to your favourite comfort food or copious hours of good vibes, here’s a roundup of our favourite TV comedies.

Reel Talk

What do you get when you bring Captain America and Lady Mary of Downton Abbey together in a miniseries? Well, you get a nail-biting ‘curse-at-the-TV, can’t-look-away-from-the-screen’ experience.

Travelling Solo

Enjoying Solitude on Vacation BY Pallavi Pinakin Travelling alone can be exciting, illuminating and wonderfully self-indulgent. You get to spend your time exactly as you please, in your own style and at…

Garden City

Oreo Curd Cake

Ingredients 150 g – crushed Oreos 100 ml – melted butter 375 ml – whipped fresh cream 375 g – caster sugar 150 ml – milk 25  g – gelatine 250 g…

Cheesy Treat


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