I have three: what goes around comes around; if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all; you never know what the next moment

Dateline Hollywood

As he eases back in his hotel suite sofa as stylishly as one may expect of an actor with so much French heritage, Timothée Chalamet admits

One On One

Some things are in your control and others are not – control what you can and don’t stress about what you can’t

Inside Story

She wears many hats both literally and figuratively. She is half Sri Lankan and half Dutch. And she’s a business owner cum entrepreneur

Dateline Hollywood

Nicole Kidman reveals that despite so many years ensconced in the trials of Tinseltown, she still finds substance and variety in the work


Don’t let others get you down – find the happiest version of yourself and live it each day

Inside Story

A time that’s filled with love, laughter and cherished traditions, Christmas is around the corner. To make this festive season even more special

He’s All That

It’s a strong premise in today’s world that illustrates how times have changed but a pity that He’s All That makes such little use of it. Save for the smartphones, the characters wield like weapons, and the movie carries very little substance or even romance for that matte

The Woman IN the Window

A good psychological thriller is always enjoyable especially when its characters have been adapted from a book; the storyline then seems meatier and its characters instantly likeable, right?

Godzilla Vs. Kong

It’s been a few years since we were blessed with a good monster flick and that’s exactly what Godzilla vs. Kong is – a battle of teeth and brawn.

Perfect Romance

Jenny Han’s trilogy – To All The Boys I’ve Loved – is a classic example of how many writers are still hoping to share the magic of the 1980s and ’90s with the current generation.

Date Night Picks

Be it a night in with your partner, best buddies or even the cat, here are the top five picks for a romantic night in!

SET-JETTING Adventures

Transport yourself into a cinematic world where movies and television series come to life, captivating far-off



Fusion Cuisine

I enjoyed my recent trip to Malaysia because it is a culinary melting pot with so many different types of cuisine. Fusion dishes are very




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