One On One

Shehara Jayatilaka

Singer, songwriter, metal vocalist, web designer and video editor

This and That

Q: Three words that best describe you…
A: Momma, creator and survivor

Q: What’s the smartest advice you have received?
A: Some things are in your control and others are not – control what you can and don’t stress about what you can’t

Q: And what does ‘home’ mean to you?
A: Home is with my sons Kai and Raiden

Q: Your quirkiest talent…
A: I can yodel a bit

Q: The weirdest question you’ve been asked…
A: Whether I’d share pictures of my feet

Q: And your pet peeve…
A: I tend to send out too many messages before receiving a reply – I’m now working on correcting this

Favourite Things

Q: Day of the week
A: Saturday

Q: Fictional character
A: Uzumaki Naruto

Q: Most passionate about
A: Creating, learning, music, nature, anime, cooking and baking, movies with great fighters, overcoming my fears, experiencing being human and spending time with the kids

Q: Preferred book
A: The Republic (by Plato)

Q: Most watched movie genre
A: Action

Q: Your ‘go-to’ dance move when no one’s watching
A: Something along the lines of the moonwalk Michael Jackson

Stuff of Dreams

Q: Dream collaboration partner…
A: Devin Townsend

Q: A childhood fantasy…
A: To explore the sea

Q: An ambition yet to be achieved…
A: To perform overseas

Q: Who and what inspires you?
A: Naruto, Miyamoto Musashi, Devin Townsend and Bruce Lee

Q: What instant skill would you wish for?
A: To be able to play the guitar

Q: If you had one wish to fulfil with a magic wand, what would it be?
A: A teleportation machine so that my kids and I could travel wherever we wished

Deep and Meaningful

Q: Some moments you would like to return to…
A: My childhood – when my cousins and I would wake up early to play school (during the holidays) under a large mango tree, and then practise karate with my dad

Q: A little-known fact about you…
A: I’m a graphic designer by profession

Q: Most rewarding aspect of your career…
A: To create something new

Q: What do you want to be remembered for?
A: Never giving up

Q: And what principles guide you in life…
A: I’m not overly attached to possessions; I adapt easily and am resilient

Q: Your motto…
A: Be kind – because empathy and compassion are evolved states of being

– Compiled by Dona Senara

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