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Nature Inspired Gowns

Lush green hills and forests inspired this collection. Left over fabric has been used, and the designer has pleated and printed it to create something new.


FASHION WITH A TWIST A unique twist of theatre BY Kamil Hewavitharana  The inaugural Dubai…


Anna-Marie Ondaatje is an international rhythmic gymnast, entrepreneur and goodwill ambassador for the A Quint Ondaatje Foundation


This collection in satin, raw silk, chiffon and lace is entrancing in white – and Sayuri’s gorgeous lace romper is enhanced with flared sleeves. A fitted lace dress with tassels looks elegant and is ideal for an early evening function.


Here’s a stunning ensemble with blue featuring prominently throughout. These outfits are in shades of blue and form part of the collection for Colombo Fashion Week.


STARK WHITE A collection that is inspired by purity BY Kamil Hewavitharana Sayuri’s linen crop…


Shades are vital and practical, as they protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays and degeneration due to blue light.


Jennifer Lopez – or J.Lo as she is known around the world – has also managed to establish herself as a fashion icon. she turned 51 on 24 July.


These creations were inspired by the amazing architecture of Germany, France and Spain. The famous arches and stained-glass windows seen in beautiful churches and ancient buil­dings are reflected in this design collection, which was shown at Colombo Fashion Week 2019.