Lifesize Canvas

Arty abode

This house was designed for an artist so that his residence would be an extended living canvas. It was also designed to create spaces that would be dynamic throughout the day, thanks to the play of light, shadows, colours and textures. The overarching criterion of the project was to complete it within a budgetary framework but still achieve the best possible space for contemplation and inspiration. The interior is designed to maximise solar shading since the house faces west. Its central courtyard acts as a stack to release hot air and keep the interior cool during the day. Materials used in the project have been kept to a minimum with fair faced brickwork, polished concrete and timber being used proportionately to create subtle harmony. Patterns created by various bricklaying methods ensure that all spaces have a different look – and this breaks the monotony of using the same texture everywhere. Since the house is for an artist, the play of sculpture and paintings within its spaces was considered very important. Art is part of the architecture that reflects the skills of the owner. The simplicity of the interior comes alive with a play of light and shadow, and inspires new ways to create art every day.

Rustic Canvas

Dishna Thilanka

Dishna Thilanka

Poruwadanda (Ingiriya)

2,315 square feet

Three years

Ganidu Balasuriya

Rustic Canvas Art Studio won an Award for Excellence in the category of Design Awards at the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) annual awards 2023/24.

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