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In the bloom of early spring, Paris unveils a serene but melancholic charm as it awakens from the deep winter slumber. Here are some tips

BLeisure Travel

In the evolving landscape of contemporary travel, the concepts of ‘bleisure’ (business and leisure) travel and ‘workation’ (work-vacation) have

SET-JETTING Adventures

Transport yourself into a cinematic world where movies and television series come to life, captivating far-off

City In Cyprus

Panorama of Lefkara, traditional Cypriot village with red rooftop houses and mountains in the background, Larnaca district, Cyprus


Ding, ding, ding! We’re heading towards the second half of the year! You can try denying it or wonder how much faster time could rush by; but at Living

City of Canals

Venice in Wintertime Monita Pesumal highlights some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ when visiting Venice I’ve been…

Sleep Tourism

If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, we have the best solution for you – travel! ‘Sleep tourism’ has seen growing popularity in the aftermath of the pandemic and an increasing amount of sleep-focussed hotel options have been popping up around the globe.

Spanish Fiesta

Madrid has been a royal city since it became the capital of the Spanish Empire in 1561. As a result, the entire cityscape is dotted with royal emblems such as statues of former monarchs

Frozen Festivities

Here’s how you too can enjoy a picture postcard Christmas – by celebrating the season with a snow-covered holiday in a faraway land. And this wish list of winter specials will have holidaymakers surrounded by snow-capped mountains and firs dressed in white!