Travel Journal

Frozen Festivities

Here’s how you too can enjoy a picture postcard Christmas – by celebrating the season with a snow-covered holiday in a faraway land. And this wish list of winter specials will have holidaymakers surrounded by snow-capped mountains and firs dressed in white!

Travelling Solo

Enjoying Solitude on Vacation BY Pallavi Pinakin Travelling alone can be exciting, illuminating and wonderfully…

Garden City

Singapore is a favoured destination for people from around the world – particularly because of its reputation as a clean, hygienic, safe and environmentally-friendly land.

Long Haul Travel

Long haul journeys are the best way to travel as these take you out of your comfort zone, and offer great ways in which to shake off any pandemic-related stress.

Culinary Travel

People travel for different reasons – to discover new cultures, relax and recharge, spend time with loved ones and so on.

Wellness Haven

The township of Byron Bay, located at Australia’s most easterly point, lies edged by some world-famous white sand beaches which spectacularly integrate with the lush green hinterland.

Cycling Excursions

With a cycling trip, you get the best of both worlds – travelling and exploring new places while getting plenty of exercise

Classical Athens

Deriving its name from the Olympian goddess Athena, the 2,500-year-old city-state of Athens enjoyed a golden age some 500 years before the Christian Era (CE) when it emerged as the cradle of Western civilisation.