Emilia Clarke

Is it Game Over Time or Game On? Emilia Clarke continues to forge ahead in…


JOY AND GOODWILL SHARING AND CARING THIS SEASON This year, there will be a different…

Yupun Abeykoon

Speed Seeker Yupun Abeykoon is a hard man to track down – literally! For one,…

Gal Gadot

Reality Check Gal Gadot’s ability to handle criticism has provided her with a spirit that’s…

Dr. Natalie Cooke

She exudes a sense of confidence and there’s a definitive aura around her as Dr. Natalie Cooke

The Woman IN the Window

A good psychological thriller is always enjoyable especially when its characters have been adapted from a book; the storyline then seems meatier and its characters instantly likeable, right?

Godzilla Vs. Kong

It’s been a few years since we were blessed with a good monster flick and that’s exactly what Godzilla vs. Kong is – a battle of teeth and brawn.

Perfect Romance

Jenny Han’s trilogy – To All The Boys I’ve Loved – is a classic example of how many writers are still hoping to share the magic of the 1980s and ’90s with the current generation.

Date Night Picks

Be it a night in with your partner, best buddies or even the cat, here are the top five picks for a romantic night in!

Travelling Solo

Enjoying Solitude on Vacation BY Pallavi Pinakin Travelling alone can be exciting, illuminating and wonderfully self-indulgent. You get to spend your time exactly as you please, in your own style and at…

Garden City

Oreo Curd Cake

Ingredients 150 g – crushed Oreos 100 ml – melted butter 375 ml – whipped fresh cream 375 g – caster sugar 150 ml – milk 25  g – gelatine 250 g…

Cheesy Treat


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