Beauty & Wellness

Toned Thighs

Do you love wearing shorts but are too embarrassed to show your thighs? Many women feel conscious about the fat on their inner thighs. While men tend to store fat in their stomach area, women have a tendency to deposit it in their upper arms, hips, lower belly and inner thighs.

Sle Like No Other

A funny thing happened on the way to vote a few months back. I discovered that we islanders can stand in an orderly fashion after all. Not that the citizenry since then or before have demonstrated the least familiarity with a queue. But on that day at my local polling centre, it was ‘first come first served’ like never.

Capsule Wardrobes

Have you found yourself standing in front of your open wardrobe, staring at piles of clothing and moaning that you don’t have anything to wear? A great solution to this dilemma of deciding what to wear every day is the ‘capsule wardrobe.’ By definition, a capsule wardrobe refers to the practice of reducing your wardrobe to your favourite key pieces and then remixing them regularly.

Deep Clean

There’s no better way to brighten up a home than with a good old-fashioned deep clean. Once swept clear of dust, grime and clutter, your home will sparkle

Mental Health

MANAGING THE ‘NEW NORMAL’ BY Andrea Melisa Sukanya Wignaraja Solution Focused Counsellor and Coach Website:…

Wrist Care

When we lose our balance, the body’s response is to use palms, fingers and wrists to break the fall. Our wrists and fingers have complex joints with lots of nerves, bones and muscles.

Isle Like No Other

The ‘new normal’ has set in with a vengeance. But there’s still no guarantee that washing your hands and physical distancing will improve your temperament or personality.

Hyper Hydration

We’re always being told to drink water and stay hydrated. But did you know that overhydration can lead to water intoxication?

Lucky Lips

THAT SMILE BY Ruwandi Perera Many of us wish to retain our youthful looks and…