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Liteboxer created a VR version of its workout with over 500 unique exercises that are tailor-made for virtual reality. These are accompanied by music of your choice, and world-class coaches hype you up throughout your workout routines.


Amazon’s first ever home robot is a two foot tall robot that weighs nine kilogrammes and has a 25 centimetre touchscreen. Astro is powered by two Qualcomm chips with AI processing built into the chipset. It has five motors and can carry anything that weighs less than 2.2 kilogrammes on its back.


Mojo Vision recently unveiled a new prototype of Mojo Lens, which is augmented reality contact lenses. The system is built around a 0.5 millimetre micro LED display with 14,000 pixels in every 2.5 centimetre area.


The second generation of TCL’s NxtWear Air wearable glasses lets you view anything from your smartphone through the dual 1080p micro OLED embedded in the lenses using a USB-C cable. This design aims to replicate the effect of watching a 3.5 metre screen from four metres away.


This is a wireless adapter for cars that are already equipped with Android Auto. It plugs into the stereo’s USB port and connects using Bluetooth Low Energy to any smartphone that’s running Android 11 or higher. For media, it handily uses the 5GHz band of WiFi for better streaming.


Ring’s extensive lineup of home security devices has a new addition and it’s called the Glass Break Sensor. If you couldn’t already tell by the name, it can detect attempts to break in through glass windows and doors. When mounted to your wall or ceiling, or placed on furniture, it’ll be able to detect glass breaking from up to seven metres away and send an alert to your phone.


Oral-B unveiled three more smart toothbrushes recently. The iO 4 and 5 will cost less than US$ 100, and have four cleaning modes – while Series 10 has seven brushing modes and a new iO Sense charging base that displays time brushed, coverage and lighting cues for pressure by colour on the neck of the brush.


These thin LCD displays with a paperlike feel come in packs of three – each measuring 10 x 10 or 10 x 15 centimetres. They’re paired with an included VersaPen stylus and are similar to reusable sticky notes without any smart capabilities.

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