Domesticated Botany

In the world of interior design, the presence of indoor plants has evolved from being mere decorations to becoming essential

Talking Spaces

With a propensity for art even as a young child, it was a defining factor for Shahdia Jamaldeen when choosing architecture as a career

Chart Toppers

The incredibly talented Usher, known globally for his amazing R&B and pop music, performed in February at the Super Bowl LVIII, which was one

Lifesize Canvas

This house was designed for an artist so that his residence would be an extended living canvas. It was also designed to create spaces that


LIMAK by Kamil created a stunning collection using batik fabric for the first time for the Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) Luxury Resort wear edition 2024

Dateline Hollywood

As he eases back in his hotel suite sofa as stylishly as one may expect of an actor with so much French heritage, Timothée Chalamet admits

BLeisure Travel

In the evolving landscape of contemporary travel, the concepts of ‘bleisure’ (business and leisure) travel and ‘workation’ (work-vacation) have

One On One

Some things are in your control and others are not – control what you can and don’t stress about what you can’t

March Madness

Sri Lanka takes the cake when it comes to the diversity of its people; and the best thing about this is the number of festivals and holidays that

Inside Story

She wears many hats both literally and figuratively. She is half Sri Lankan and half Dutch. And she’s a business owner cum entrepreneur