Wellness Haven

Australia’s most easterly point

Sandip Hor visits a charming town for rest and recreation

The township of Byron Bay, located at Australia’s most easterly point, lies edged by some world-famous white sand beaches which spectacularly integrate with the lush green hinterland. This natural combination offers a magical environment in which to revitalise the mind, body and soul. That’s why it’s dubbed the country’s ‘wellness capital’.

In the 1970s, it was a hot spot for hippies; and later, the nation’s industrial barons moved in to enjoy the spectacular vistas from their mansions. Now, Byron Bay is home to a thriving local community that includes holidaymakers, wellness seekers, yoga practitioners, musicians, artists and celebrities – the most famous of them being Chris Hemsworth.

WHERE TO STAY The place is full of wellness hubs, which offer meditation therapies, yoga workouts, healthy cuisine regimens and diverse pampering treatments. Crystalbrook Byron is a 92 suite luxury resort set in a serene rainforest environment where guests can immerse themselves in nature. There are complimentary yoga and meditation sessions every morning, and therapists at their Eléme Day Spa offer personalised treatment for guests.

WHAT TO DO Crystalline ‘sound healing’ involves listening to the amazing sequence of sounds that resonate when crystal bowls of different sizes are tapped. This is offered by an expert musician at the Crystal Castle, which also showcases several crystalline geodes that are laid out within a tranquil garden adorned with statues of Asian gods and goddesses.

One of the unique joys of visiting this destination is the consistent access to weekly farmers’ markets. Visitors can meet vibrant locals and enjoy a taste of their bohemian lifestyle. The abundance of fresh vegetables, meat and seafood makes this locale a haven for foodies.

WHERE TO GO There’s no shortage of activities in Byron Bay. The popular options include hot air balloon rides, horseback riding along the coastline, kayaking alongside dolphins in the bay and swimming at the base of the gushing Minyon Falls.

Built at the turn of the 19th century to protect ships passing along the coast, the Cape Byron Lighthouse is a landmark that stands sentinel on the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.

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