August 27, 2020
August 27, 2020


Budget Stays

BY Pallavi Pinakin

If you’re an explorer at heart, you’ve probably planned your next few vacations while under lockdown. So with hope for travel to some countries gradually being renewed, this may be the time to decide where you’ll stay on your next holiday – and micro hotels could well be in the running.

These hotels feature tiny rooms of 100-200 sq ft and are perfect for travellers who plan to spend very little time in them. On the other hand, those with claustrophobia may not be comfortable in such compact spaces and will likely do better with more traditional and spacious accommodation.

Here are three pointers to help you decide whether micro hotels would be a good fit for you.

SCOUTING OPTIONS All micro hotels aren’t created equal. From swanky brands with upscale amenities to basic hotels without even a check-in counter, these hotels come in all shades. If you’re staying longer than a night, make sure you have a window in your room. Otherwise, things can start to feel gloomy pretty quickly.

If you’re sharing the accommodation with your partner or a friend, look for a micro hotel with a nice lounge or an all day dining restaurant. This will give you some breathing space in case the room starts to feel cramped with two people in it.

CHECKING PRIVACY A micro hotel offers additional privacy compared to communal accommodation such as shared Airbnb apartments and hostels. Given the current public health situation, seclusion and hygiene will be priorities for many travellers so reputable micro hotels are the order of the day.

In addition to the increased private space, staying in your own room will give you complete control over the temperature, charging points and TV remote – all of which are luxuries that are difficult to come by in shared accommodation.

VALUE FOR MONEY In cities such as New York, Paris and Tokyo where mainstream hotels can cost an arm and a leg, micro hotels offer a far more affordable option. By booking a space saving room, you can free up your budget for other fun experiences such as food, nightlife, sightseeing and shopping.

If room rates are your main concern, look for economical brands that cover the essentials and are suitably located. If you have an expansive budget, explore the more adventurous micro hotels where art, design and technology combine to deliver a high concept experience. More expensive brands like Yotel and CitizenM can be found in a number of international cities.

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