January 12, 2020
January 12, 2020


Memorable Travel
BY Pallavi Pinakin

Travel can be an enriching experience, which leaves you with memories that evoke joy and wonder years after your trip. But have you no-ticed how many people go through their holiday on autopilot – shuffling uninterestedly from one site to another, taking mandatory selfies and generally having a very ordinary time? So here’s how you can put ‘extraordinary’ back into your travels!

PUSH BOUNDARIES When you do new things spontaneously, the memorability quotient of your trip increases. Get out of your comfort zone and try some-thing new that you would normally not dream of doing – such as going to a music festival on your own, learning an ancient martial art or swimming in a water-fall pool in the forest. By pushing past your usual limits and exploring uncharted territory, you instantly enhance your travel experience. If you’re travelling as part of a group, you can all enrol in a cooking class to whip up local specialities or do something as simple and inexpensive as waking up early to witness the sunrise together.

TREAT YOURSELF If you can afford to splurge, then spend on an outstanding experience that will stay with you long after it is over. However, unless you’re adventurous or extremely wealthy, it’s best to stick with tried and tested activities such as taking a romantic tour on a gondola along the waterways of Venice or gliding in a hot-air balloon over the surreal landscape of Cappadocia. These experiences may be a little clichéd but since they’ve received a thumbs-up from thousands of travellers, they are well worth the money. You risk being let down with offbeat activities – and it’s even worse if that carries a high price tag with it.

GET SCIENTIFIC Research shows that people who get excited about their vacation before it starts are 73 percent more likely to remember the details of their trip in contrast to those who are stressed or neutral. Another way of embedding travel memories in your brain is to invite both family and friends to join instead of only family or friends alone.

SNAP DECISIONS A recent study found that taking photographs can enhance moments and help you remember a holiday 40 percent better. So don’t feel guilty about pulling out your smartphone for an Instagram update. Nevertheless, limit your device use to less than a couple of hours a day; because otherwise, you risk losing memories in a screen induced haze.

”Unless you’re adventurous or extre-mely wealthy, it’s best to stick with tried and tested activities

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