June 21, 2020
June 21, 2020




Sustainable solutions to life’s challenges

Ayesha Reza Rafiq is in the pink of health

VIRTUAL RUNNING One thing that has become apparent in the time of COVID-19 is the indomita­bility of the human spirit.

From physical distancing and online meetings, to virtual drinking parties and barbershop lessons, people have found creative ways to continue with as much of their daily routines as possible.

The popular METRO Marathon Düsseldorf 2020 was run on an exercise plat­form linked to fitness apps that users preferred. These apps confirm that users have run the required distance and keep track of their timings with the Keep Moving exercise platform.

They then rank all parti­cipants and pick a winner, as well as award certificates of participation. There are also options for those who prefer to run indoors on treadmills. Keeping fit and on the go – even while under lockdown – has been important for mental and physical fitness, and a little imagination can go a long way to ensure this

SMARTER GARDENS Fresh herbs and vegetables can enhance the flavour of any meal; but not everyone has access to a backyard or the talent and inclination to grow them.

The Herb Garden is an answer to every aspiring planter’s prayer, offering a stylish and foolproof way to bring the backyard indoors to grow herbs and vegetables all year round.

It has been developed using the latest hydroponics plant growth technology. All you have to do is place seeds in the tray, add water and the nutrient pack that’s provided… then sit back and watch your plants grow!

This app will also monitor the environment, light, air and water temperature, flow rate, etc. and maintain the ideal conditions for herbs to flourish. The smart plant system even allows users to adjust the strength and taste of the herbs, by alternating water and light exposure levels.

And for those who worry about their plants while they are away on vacation, a nifty ‘vacation mode’ slows plant growth.

CONSUMER VALUES My Label is a green app that identifies items that are pro­duced under conditions adhe­ring to a variety of ethical and sustainable consumer values.

Users first select their preferences from a set of 20 choices including environ­men­tal, social and health factors. When shopping, users simply scan the product’s bar code and the app informs them if it’s produced under con­ditions that adhere to their value system – including fair wages, lack of palm oil use and so on.

A green smiley emoji affirms that it passes muster while a red emoji signals it doesn’t meet the criteria, and that My Label will recommend alternative products from which to choose.

The app aims to make it easier for consumers to live according to their values and support producers who adhere to them. This app is free to use and the company earns an income by sharing data on consumer preferences with interested parties.

BABY BUDGET APP Babies grow fast. But ironi­cally, baby clothing is often pricey, leaving many new parents wanting to dress their kids well and yet not spend too much.

UpChoose is a sustainable clothing platform that al­lows parents to purchase baby clothes and return them for a discount on their next purchase once their baby has outgrown the current set.

This allows parents to save time and money, as well as lend sustainability to the clothing industry, which is a major global contributor to landfills.

A variety of pricing options is available to cater to all budgets and parents can choose the quantity of items they require in a set along with accessories – including bibs, burp cloths and toys.

All the items are available to be purchased brand-new while the ‘preloved’ purchase option enables a circular economy for kids’ clothing.

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