It’s hot in the tropics!

Ding, ding, ding! We’re heading towards the second half of the year! You can try denying it or wonder how much faster time could rush by; but at Living, we’re taking the ‘glass is half full’ approach – because whatever happens, c’est la vie!

We’re diving headfirst into the hot season in Sri Lanka… and WE seem to be born ready for it!

In spite of living in the tropics, we’re still not into the sun protection trend. It’s high time to lather up those beautiful bodies with lots of sunscreen – because the UV rays are coming and we’re running out of shade!

We’ve labelled ourselves a ‘resilient nation’ – and rightly so! Leave aside survival, economic meltdowns and debt crises – and partying through it all! – we never let the sun rain on our parade when it comes to weddings, which will be the most common form of celebration this season.

Yes, it is wedding season and we don’t mind literally working up a sweat when it’s time to dress up.

Which is why you’ll see our men donning layers of dark, thickly woven fabric and the ladies wrapping themselves in six yards of bright silk… even if it’s an outdoor function under the scorching sun!

The heat may be excruciating but it’s nothing that a cool thambili and ice-palam can’t handle.

This is also the time we holiday with family and friends, and fill the hotel rooms that tourists haven’t booked.

So wherever you go, be it the chilly climes of Nuwara Eliya or packed beaches of Mirissa, you will find a friendly face and hear a loud ‘you guys are also on holiday here?’

For those whose definition of ‘work-life balance’ is checking emails on their phones while sipping margaritas, this is a season that allows such a pastime more than the others do. But make sure you’re not in swimwear for those Zoom meetings!

And for others who’d rather soak up the action in Colombo or can’t pump up some luck for more mileage, there’s plenty to keep them busy at home…

For one, keep an eye on the cinema boards because we’re in for some action from both Marvel and DC on our widescreens. However, there’s an amber light on how we’ll react to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom due to the many critical reviews so far.

So suit up or down… and keep ‘livin’ la vida loca’!

Ruwandi Perera

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