Sleep Tourism

In Praise of Luxurious Sleep

If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, we have the best solution for you – travel! ‘Sleep tourism’ has seen growing popularity in the aftermath of the pandemic and an increasing amount of sleep-focussed hotel options have been popping up around the globe.

Park Hyatt New York

This 900 square foot hotel is brimming with luxury sleeping experiences. Its six dedicated one bedroom ‘sleep suites’ are all you can ask for with The Restorative Bed by Bryte (king-size), one and a half baths, and a separate living room. Each of the hallmark smart mattresses has 90 intelligent cushions that sense, adjust to and relieve the body’s pressure points – allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay in a sound slumber longer.

Hôtel de Crillon

This haven in Paris is part of the Rosewood Hotel Group’s ‘Alchemy of Sleep’ programme, which offers the royal standard of luxury. The hotel’s in room ‘Sleeping Beauty’ set will have you rendezvousing with Morpheus. Additionally, step into a world of relaxation with some calming massages and meditation sessions.

Zedwell Piccadilly Circus

Here’s your chance to experience a new and innovative level of relaxation at London’s first ever sleep-centric hotel. Dedicated to the necessities of life – sleep and wellbeing – its cocoon bedrooms ensure rest for the mind and body with comfortable beds, and carefully curated lighting and temperature. Even the windows have been removed to isolate you from the busy city outside.

Hästens Sleep Spa

Established by Swedish bed manufacturer Hästens, this 15 room boutique hotel in the Portuguese city of Coimbra is positioned as the world’s first ‘sleep spa.’ Every detail has been prepared with sleep and comfort in mind so that you can experience peace and tranquillity with the additional benefit of Hästens beds. These exceptional pieces of furniture, which require unique pillows, come with a menu that lets you pick the pillow of your choice.

StarStruck Glamping

The wilds of southwest Texas with its dark expanses of sky make for an out of this world sleep experience. With the least light pollution, the night sky is speckled with stars from the edge of the Milky Way and dazzling meteor showers. Luxury meets nature as you sleep in solar powered geodesic domes. Experience 80 acres of unadulterated nature with zero noise pollution as the night sky lulls you to sleep.

Six Senses Ibiza

This wellness focussed sanctuary in Spain’s Balearic Islands offers a host of sleep treatment programmes. Ranging from three to seven nights, this is the archipelago’s place to be if you are looking to improve and upgrade your sleep habits. The treatments restore your mood, memory and energy levels while reducing stress – what more can one ask for? From wellness screening, personalised consultation, yoga, personal training and massages to cryotherapy sessions, the sanctuary offers the full sleep package.

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