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Dress Up for ‘Summer’

BY Ruwandi Perera

And I can’t wait to see what all my buddies think of me… just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer!”

We know a thing or two about ‘summer’ because we live in a tropical island where apart from some rain now and again, it’s always sunny. But that’s no excuse not to make those tropical summer days – and oh, those summer nights! – count (see what I did?).

Less is definitely more in our tropical summers. We’re thinking of pastel shades and loose flowy material, coupled with a little frill here and a puffed sleeve there. The key is to look hot while feeling cool… whether you’re meeting friends for brunch or are planning a night out on the town.

Local summers are also packed with festivities and include everything from family parties to meeting up with friends. So spruce up your wardrobe and have some fun!

Picks from


Summer Ray Dress
Comfy – yet, chic… because that’s what you need in a country that celebrates a type of summer all year long. And it comes in linen, which is always a winner.
Blue Cross Dress
It might be the frill or adorable sleeves – there’s something very feminine and youthful about it
Iris Shorts
These classic high waisted shorts with two side pockets are an island staple. Pair it up with sandals and you’ll be the poster girl for at least one tropical summer.
Off Shoulder Dress
This light purple dress by Aaryaa is a wardrobe essential that will turn heads – whether you have your hair up or down.
The flowy mustard Kimono by Alai dollops more than a measure of sunshine to whatever you pair it with at any time of the day!

Picks from


Terine Dress
A sailing look with a beachy vibe…. This casual shift dress is ideal for a breakfast or lunch date – better yet, if you’re going to be outdoors.
Ronella Dress
We’re in love with these puffed sleeves and crossover neck, which make this outfit dressy without being over-the-top.
Kezia Dress
Be the ‘lady in red’ who values both comfort and style. This beauty comes with a square neck, which makes it double up as an off shoulder dress.
Bonita Puff Sleeve Shirt
It’s perfect for those in-person office meetings. The Chinese collar top fits loosely and works well with beige or black pants.
Claire Striped Shirt
Nothing says ‘businesslike’ more than a classic collar; and when it comes in stripes, you know it’s going to be one of your special work clothes.
Lydia Dress
Cute with a touch of naughty, this knee-length dress that comes with a V neck and tie-up cord is ideal for those nights out with the girls or anyone!

Picks from


Lemon Lumen
Go all citrusy and fresh, wearing these bright and bold earrings, which will pair perfectly with a simple summer dress.
Hot and Pink
Don’t shy away from making a statement – and doing it in style – because these hot pink flower hoops are meant to be loud!
Four-petalled Power
Be the face of summer in the tropics with these simple – yet, stylish – flowers that will adorn your ears and shine a light on your entire outlook.
Sparkly Blue
These beauties are your ideal glam up ticket for all events from parties to weddings. Go bare necked to give these the spotlight they deserve.
Elegance in White
Modest – yet, majestic; simple – yet, sophisticated: these soft earrings subtly uplift your look with grace and class.
Ring of Flowers
Whether it’s a dinner date or high tea, these earrings signal that you hold the reins and are not shy about it!
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