Seasonal Spirit

A Compassionate Christmas

Dona Senara searches for the true meaning of the season

The lives of many people in today’s world are regrettably restrained by innumerable factors. Even after a heightened period of sorrow brought on by the seemingly interminable COVID-19 pandemic, some still suffer due to vicious wars while others are impoverished as a result of soaring inflation. In addition to these visible factors, there’s also the unseen psychological pain that plagues many souls.

Here are two simple but meaningful ways in which to make a compassionate change this festive season by gifting others a touch of your happiness.

No one has ever become  poor by giving

Anne Frank

GIVE more. Being openhanded this Christmas is a great way to begin a compassionate celebration. To start in a zero budget manner you can gift what you have in your possession to others. However, whatever you gift shouldn’t be useless or damaged because there’s no meaning in giving without placing importance on what is gifted.

Making monetary donations is another way of giving. You could save your allowance or set up a charity box to collect cash to provide financial relief to those in need especially during Christmas.

Another hands-on activity is to give others homemade Christmas treats. Getting together with family and friends to make goodies for those who may not be able to afford a Christmas table would be great.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

HELP people by lending a hand to those around you this Christmas. You could begin with folks within your circle of daily interactions. During the festive season, most people require help to put up their Christmas decor or do the shopping. Look around you more attentively and you will most definitely find many in need of your assistance.

Offering your help to others for a compassionate Christmas need not be limited to the season. Volunteering to assist the homeless, elderly, orphaned children or the differently abled brings with it its own rewards.

Allocate some of your time to caring for others by helping them prepare and celebrate Christmas or even share your knowledge with them to possibly make a difference in someone’s life.

CHANGE to thrive. Transform yourself into a better person starting this Christmas and gift yourself the goodness of Christmas compassion. It might sound like a Christmas cliché to get into Santa’s ‘nice’ list but in reality, it’s about working morally, speaking morally and thinking in an ethical and moral manner.

You can change yourself to thrive in life. One, making sure your actions don’t harm the lives of others – from small insects to human beings every life needs to be respected and cared for, and two, thinking twice about your actions especially with activities related to theft to prevent the taste of unwholesomeness in your life.

Three, by being sincere in your relationships, which will help you establish a healthy mindset, and four, practising the concept of ‘honesty is the best the policy.’ Finally, making the effort to let go of harmful forms of behaviours such as drug usage, smoking or consuming alcohol can be a great determining change for yourself.

The world might have trivialised or underrated these values but there’s no greater achievement than becoming a caring, kind and generous human being. By endeavouring to become one you will not only change your life but also help others in the process. Make this Christmas your milestone for a breathtakingly rewarding change.

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