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Compiled by Merilee Kern

Unique handmade products are always ideal; but when the mission behind the result is as beautiful, that’s when you know you have something special.

Women’s Jewellery

That’s the case with PURPOSE Jewelry and Home Goods ( Every item purchased from PURPOSE is sustainably crafted by women and girls who are escaping human trafficking. All proceeds go to the business’ nonprofit International Sanctuary to provide each artisan with fair wages, education and holistic care. And the pieces are lovely.

For example, the brand’s best-selling Solstice Threader Hoops are beautifully curved in crescent shapes with shimming brass or silver-plated brass, which is hand hammered for texture and finished for shine.

For the Home

The brand’s pure Ankole Trays are a new creation developed by PURPOSE Jewelry artisan and collaborator Joseph, and the brand’s talented jewellery makers.

These decorative trays showcase the natural beauty and colour variation of the Ankole horns. The Ankole is important both as food and tradition in various parts of Uganda, and the animal’s horns are typically discarded as waste – unless recycled into beautiful handcrafted goods.

The pure Ankole Bowl is a corresponding decor product that’s unique in its variation. Customers can choose between regular seven inch or large eight inch bowls. Since PURPOSE Jewelry’s Ankole products aren’t treated with chemicals or sealants, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. But as a soft material, the trays can absorb water – so it is important that customers follow the instructions to keep their purchases in good condition.

Personal Moons

Moonglow Personalized Jewelry ( lights up your life with the moments that matter in jewellery form. For instance, its Mini Usambara in Gold allows the wearer to feel the energetic effects of a trio of moons that beautifully represent a personal story wrapped in the luxury of gold.

As part of the brand’s Golden Memories collection, this necklace features an awe-inspiring pendant that suspends three mini-moon charms, which are customised with your special dates, on a matching slim chain. This stunning piece is designed to highlight personal moments that matter to you.

And its Cosmic Spiral Ring in Rhodium takes the classic version of this design to sparkly new heights with an added Swarovski crystal and a 10 millimetre personalised constellation image. The ring’s moon image, which is captured delicately, adds a dreamy vibe to any look; while the spiral represents the paths that life takes and how our destinies cross.

Moonglow has designed the adjustable Cosmic Spiral Ring for those who are looking for a path to their future. And it serves as a reminder to keep moving forward and seeking new experiences – no matter how uncertain they seem.

The jewellery brand got its start through the unique idea of connecting people with their most important memories such as special events and moments using the moon phases of their most important dates. These could be wedding anniversaries, birthdays, the birth of children, the end of a relationship or the beginning of new adventures – the possibilities are endless.

Men’s Jewellery

As the demand for men’s jewellery booms, Craftd London ( has become a ‘go-to’ brand around the globe. Each piece tells its own story and comes with a lifetime guarantee – no questions asked. For those who are looking for a touch of symbolism with their jewellery, Craftd London’s Silver Rose necklace illustrates the beauty and fragility of life through its simple yet stunning craftsmanship.

The 316L stainless steel and rhodium pendant comes with a chain that is water, heat and sweat resistant. And the brand’s Compass Pendant also holds a message for the wearer. It reminds him or her that a true leader crafts their own path. Give yourself or your loved one the gift of discovering new places and living a life of freedom with this 18-carat gold and 316L stainless steel chain and pendant.

Like all of Craftd London’s products, the Compass Pendant is sweat proof, waterproof, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Most importantly, it’s designed with its own meaning to make it personal for the wearer.

“We all like to feel championed. And with something that tells its own story, you can really give that personal touch,” says cofounder Alex Cannon.

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