May 27, 2020
May 27, 2020


Beauty Bliss

If you’re planning your wedding, your to-do list is likely to be a mile long; so investing precious time and money on preparing for the big day is par for the course. You have to locate and book a venue, figure out which cake maker to rely on and decide whether you want a DJ or band.

And as if that isn’t enough, you’ll also want to look your best on your wedding day!

Whether you’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress for years or don’t quite know what you want, it is part and parcel of your look. And here’ another imperative: your hair and makeup. You can go minimal, all-out or pick something in-between.

But whichever look you opt for on your wedding day, you undoubtedly want to look your most gorgeous self; and there’s no better way to do that than ensure your skin is in the best possible condition.

Want that perfect complexion? And a bright smile?

You can achieve all of this with some prepping. Living takes a look at a few holistic wellness products, which could be perfect for a bride’s beauty prep!

Sculpcious bath & bo­dy This brand is all about sculpting your body in the most delicious ways possible.

They include the right skin food (to nourish your skin with quality nutrients) sans harsh chemicals or preservatives Most of the ingredients used are pro­ducts of nature, from pure essential oils to silky smooth plant oils and butters.

There’s a range of products inclu­ding exfoliating body bars, bath salts, body scrubs and lip scrubs to feed your skin.

Our favourites include Citrus Delight, an energising blend of sweet orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils. The Lavender Bath Salt – which is perfect to help unwind after a long day, be it a bath or foot soak – contains Epsom and sea salts infused with lavender to calm the tired body.

Tāthya (pronounced taathya) derives from ancient Sanskrit and means ‘truth.’ Tāthya promises to address skincare problems with nature’s best. No nasties, simply pure goodness!

The brand’s bestsellers inclu­de GLOW Face & Body Ma­sk, which brightens the skin and reduces dark spots with re­gular use. It has more than seven pla­nt powders for healthier, softer skin.

And the Rose Hibiscus Face Mist is your go-to refresher! It hydrates and refreshes skin, maintaining pH levels and hel­ping control excessive sebum production. And acne bre­ak outs are kept under control with Aloe vera, which helps so­­othe irritated skin.

Areej is back! This time with a body butter range. The coconut and rose concoction is great for soothing and healing skin that’s irritated or reddened from the sun, insect bites or ba­cteria, and also battles signs of premature ageing.

The brand’s shea and rose mix­­­ture eliminates dead cells, tigh­tens the skin, promotes the regeneration of new skin and reduces signs of ageing.

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