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One also feels that the Sri Lankans, despite the modern coaching support at hand, lack a degree of originality in their game. With the countless analyses of a game of cricket and novel ideas thrown about regularly, players exposed to such planning are obviously bound to be ahead of the rest, which is sadly another factor hurting Sri Lanka.

In all honestly, the Sri Lankans do not lack talent or ability; but the knowledge to compete and exposure to contests are required. Whilst a Sri Lankan league may not provide the magic to turn around a struggling unit overnight,

the magic to turn around a struggling unit overnight, it would be the perfect foundation or a launching pad for planners looking ahead to the next four or five years to build a winning unit.

Such a league would not only produce results but if planned well, the funds the game needs will also flow in.

Of course, other factors besides a league must also be in place – and for this, maybe it would be prudent to compare a Sri Lankan team with their Indian counterparts. But at this time, such an analysis would be unfair.

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