Seasonal Spirit

The bliss is brewing!

September marks the end of summer and beginning of autumn in countries that are blessed with four seasons; but here in the tropics, the weather gods keep us on our toes! Sri Lanka may be experiencing the last winds of the southwest monsoon but we islanders have a devil-may-care attitude towards the weather, right?

Que será, será (‘whatever will be, will be’)!

Booklovers can look forward to the Colombo International Book Fair in September – even if you haven’t finished reading that pile of books you bought last year. So dust off those covers and do justice to your reading resolutions.

Beer lovers, your time is here too – because in October, many of us will be chugging beers and munching our favourite German delights. Oktoberfest is ‘lager’ than life (pun intended) in Colombo’s hotels… so make time for fellowship and beers.

Friends, Sri Lankans and countrymen (and women), you may want to mark your calendars for Julius Caesar – The Musical by Stage Light & Magic together with The Workshop Players at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in early October. Colombo is thirsty for theatre so reserve those tickets before they sell out.

And if you are considering holidaying overseas, Charlie Puth is touring this part of the world and will be in various locations including Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Jakarta between 1 and 9 October.

He will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 10 October before heading off to Tokyo and Seoul. So if you’re obsessed with his smooth tones, grab those tickets – because you never know when you’ll ‘see him again.’

October ends with Halloween and whether you’re into costumes or not, this scary celebration has been gaining momentum in Sri Lanka with heaps of parties and celebrations planned in our commercial capital.

On 12 November, Hindus celebrate the festival of Deepavali, which symbolises the victory of light over darkness. It’s also a time for tucking into bonda, samosas, gulab jamun and other delicacies.

Brie Larson will be on the silver screen once again in The Marvels in November. And you may want to catch The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes as it is released in cinemas on 17 November.

The end of the year is nigh but in a good way… because Sri Lankans love getting ready for any holiday season months in advance. After all, we always find a reason to keep our spirits high!

– Ruwandi Perera
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