Road Trips

Journeying Long

BY Pallavi Pinakin

With airports and trains being considered risky modes of transport during the global pandemic, people are choosing to travel and vacation in the (relatively) old-fashioned way: by taking road trips.

Driving to your destination opens up new avenues of domestic travel to which low-cost flights had previously blinded us.

These unexplored spots while accessible by car are still far enough from home to feel novel and exciting. And there’s the added convenience of having your vehicle with you so that you can visit nearby areas of interest as well.

So make your road trip smooth and enjoyable with a few pointers.

PLAN THE ROUTE For long journeys, it’s best to start early in the morning or very late at night to beat the office traffic; and to shave off a couple of hours from the drive. Before setting out, take full advantage of today’s miracle map apps and flag petrol stations, as well as tea and coffee, or snack stops on the way.

PRO TIP Save the map offline so that you can access the information even if you lose network coverage while driving.

PREP YOUR RIDE Ensure that your vehicle is in excellent condition. If you’re setting out on a long drive, the chances are that you will pass through remote areas where vehicle services may not be easily available in case of a breakdown.

So make sure your vehicle is serviced, running smoothly, has enough petrol and a spare tyre plus a repair kit in the trunk.

BE ENTERTAINED! If you have a driving mate by your side, that’s half the battle won as there are endless guessing or word games you could play to pass the time. Depending on the area you’ll be driving through, your radio may or may not work. So don’t count on that as your only source of entertainment if you’re on a solo drive.

Take various media with you to make your journey as fun as possible including a playlist of your favourite songs, a thrilling audiobook or even a collection of interesting podcasts. If you do it right, you won’t be checking your watch every five minutes!

GET COMFORTABLE Slather on sunscreen to avoid sunburn, bring cushions to fine-tune the perfect driving posture and wear comfortable shoes for the drive.

Set a timer to remind yourself to drink water every few hours and stay hydrated. Pack non-fussy, durable and nourishing snacks – and you’re all set for your journey.

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