Jam-Packed Summer!

It is steaming hot!

It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s happening! The middle of the year in sunny Sri Lanka sees the island balancing everything from weddings and pageants, to cricket and surfing, while gulping down copious amounts of iced drinks and coconut water to keep cool under the scorching sun.

June is known for weddings around the world and Sri Lanka is no exception. While a wedding is a mere ceremony elsewhere however, island weddings are chaotic but they come with an extremely enjoyable series of events.

Engagement ceremonies, bridal showers, bachelor parties, wedding shoots and pre-shoots, homecomings, after-parties and a dozen family gatherings… it’s one big endurance race where your sanity, stamina, liver and wallet are tested!

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that you haven’t partied until you’ve partied at a Sri Lankan wedding.

Blue cloudless skies, a sun that won’t quit and humidity levels that will make every day a bad hair day… Yet, the islanders are able to manage the heat as long as they have something to look forward to.

Sri Lanka’s east coast is a hot favourite in July since it is peak surf season in Arugam Bay. So whether you surf or don’t, head over to the eastern coast and soak in the festive vibes, feel-good atmosphere, superb food and parties on the beach.

While you’re there, don’t forget to explore the non-beach attractions that Arugam Bay offers. Drink in the tranquillity of the Panama Tank and nearby village, visit the Kumana National Park and bask in the sacred stillness of Kudumbigala Sanctuary, which was built for Buddhist monks on the island.

If you are truly Sri Lankan at heart, as most of us are, you’ll also keep your eyes glued to the cricket channel as Sri Lanka vies for a spot on the podium when the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup begins on 1 June.

And for those who don’t have much left in their holiday quota and don’t mind chilling at home, July is when we become couch potatoes (once again!) since it’s time for the Paris Olympics.

The festivities don’t stop there because Sri Lanka is hosting the annual Esala Perahera between 10 and 20 August. This is when the hill capital of Kandy comes alive with locals and foreigners flocking to its winding streets, trying to find the perfect spot from which to view the pageant.

It’s going to be a jam-packed summer for sure because Sri Lanka is offering you pretty much everything under the sun!

– Ruwandi Perera
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