September 1, 2021
September 1, 2021
September 1, 2021


BY Pallavi Pinakin

Different colours can be used effectively to lend a unique character to every room in your home. In general, choose colours according to the size of the room – darker hues shrink spaces for a cosier feel while lighter shades make them look more spacious.

First, try different paint samples on the same wall before deciding. Based on science and psychological studies, here are the best shades for different rooms.

KITCHEN Yellow is great for boosting energy levels as well as appetite, and is particularly suitable for eat-in kitchens.

Think of bright or buttery yellow because this sunshiny hue also elicits feelings of warmth and joy, which makes it the perfect colour companion for cooking.

If you find this hue too strong for the entire room, paint one wall yellow and choose a more neutral colour for the rest.

BEDROOMS Cooler shades such as blue and green that are suggestive of tranquillity and security go hand in hand with the intimate feel of a bedroom.

Balance your space aesthetic by using deep shades like indigo or forest on one side and providing a contrast on another wall with a relaxing robin’s egg blue or mint green.

You could even mix and match both colours for a strong natural vibe.

LIVING ROOM Purples and whites are ideal for living spaces. As living rooms tend to be relatively busy spaces in terms of decor, classic white is a good choice especially if you want your walls to be an effective backdrop to eye-catching artwork and furniture.

If you have guests over regularly, a warm creamy-white is ideal for creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. For those with an adventurous streak, deep purple is an original and unusual choice that evokes rich sophistication and luxury while simultaneously bringing a more intimate feel to large spaces.

To make use of this colour in a less dramatic fashion, opt for pale lavender, which is great for creating a relaxed vibe.

HOME OFFICE Evocative of enthusiasm and excitement, orange is a motivational colour that’s ideal for workspaces such as the home office.

If you think that painting the whole area in this vibrant shade is restrictive, consider painting only a nook or wall directly in line of sight from your desk and optimise productivity.

Orange is equally effective in any room built specifically for an activity such as home gyms or game rooms.

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