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A Time for Reflection

Welcome back to our second quarterly edition. This edition will, we hope, bring you some moments of pleasure and reflection – perhaps even some respite. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

Yupun Abeykoon – ‘Sri Lanka’s fastest man’ – features on our cover. It is a matter of national pride and joy when one of our own excels as he has. His pragmatism and work ethic are inspirational, and we join all Sri Lankans in celebrating the sprinter’s talent and accomplishments… and in wishing him more success as he pursues his Olympic dream.

September, October and November are months in which charity and poverty, food (and an awareness of food shortages and waste), children and democracy come to the fore with global days in commemoration. Now more than ever, these seem such apt causes for betterment; and they’re pertinent to our lives and times, here in the eternal sunshine of Serendib and for the wellbeing of the Planet Earth.

As the cost of living rises across the world, and food production and supply chains are challenged by global events and ever increasing climate impacts, these months could be a time to reflect on the natural largesse of our island. So much we take for granted – good weather, warm sunshine, tropical fruit and vegetables, and delicious culinary options – are luxuries elsewhere.

Even in the face of adversity, it’s heartening to hear of the kindness of Sri Lankans in caring for each other with acts of charity and generosity. We have always been an optimistic nation and in the months to come, we’ll draw courage from this and hope that the lessons of the past bode well for a better future.

In these months, we will focus on health and healing, and unite as a people of a blessed nation deserving and enjoying a quality of life only possible in Sri Lanka. Our lives and living here provides access to more than we’re all too often forgetful of.

Indeed, we could take a cue from a man who was onto something when he penned the words to this song one can’t get out of one’s head in these times… Its lyrics – Michael Jackson’s wish for humanity of making the world a better place – remind us to be better every time we want to gripe and grumble…

So in this edition of Living, we would like to leave its sentiments with you. For you and us, and the entire human race.

Mrinali Thalgodapitiya

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