September 23, 2020
September 23, 2020


Shawn Mendes

PROFILED BY Manilka Ediriweera

Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Peter Raul Mendes began his journey to stardom in 2013 when he started to post six second covers on YouTube, Vine, Twitter and Instagram. He then attracted a massive following.

A year later, at only 15, Mendes signed with a record label called Island Records. Since then, he has released three studio albums and several number one hits, and headlined four global concert tours.

By his 22nd birthday, Shawn managed to take the world by storm and establish an adoring fan base, thanks to his music and killer looks. Over the years, his style has evolved into one that is very much rock-and-roll with a casual yet bold and super-confident look. And his sense of style has made him one of the best dressed in the industry.

Would you like to be inspired by his sartorial elegance? Look no further… because here’s how you can steal Shawn Mendes’ style!

SUITS Shawn has opted for suits to attend various red carpet events and it’s safe to say that he doesn’t disappoint with this look. In fact, since he pulls it off effortlessly, it makes him an expert in dressing down a suit. He’s been spotted in colour block suits in bold colours, colour contrast suits and even printed outfits.

Suits are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe; they can be considered the cornerstone of men’s fashion. A good suit will not only give you a sharp, polished and sophisticated look but make you feel confident and well-dressed too.

Like Shawn, you too can nail this look by tailoring your suits in bold shades, wearing clashing suits with printed shirts and embracing double-breasted suits. You can complement this look with a wristwatch, or subtle necklace or bracelet, if you’re a fan of men’s jewellery.

JEANS Men’s skinny jeans, which were a favourite in the noughties, have probably sparked much debate over the years. Although this trend (especially standard skinny jeans) has grown to be far more accommodating and a staple in the male wardrobe, many find it challenging to rock the denim style.

Mendes is among the many celebrities who are popularising this fashion and leading a skinny jeans comeback. It’s important to consider your proportions when wearing skinny jeans because it’s all about the fit. The simplest way to style it is with a T-shirt.

But you can take it up a notch by pairing it with a collared shirt, sweater, any jacket or even a blazer. Depending on the look you want to take on, skinny jeans can be paired with sneakers, dress shoes or even leather boots.

SHIRTS Long sleeve shirts with the sleeves rolled up and top two buttons undone, tucked into a pair of jeans, is one of Shawn’s signature styles – especially when he’s on stage. There is no debating that he pulls off this look perfectly and it makes him very attractive.

This stylish combo is easy to achieve. You can take a leaf out of Shawn Mendes’ book by opting for shirts with bold prints and florals. If not, you could choose a simple Oxford button-down, Cuban collar, flannel, linen or even an office shirt.

Shawn Mendes’


  • Don’t hesitate to try out everything that you think will be a cool addition to your look
  • Break out of your fashion comfort zone
  • Be authentic with what you are wearing
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