January 22, 2021
January 23, 2021

Entrancing Ethos

BY Pallavi Pinakin

The entryway to your home plays a unique role in your life because it dictates your mood the moment you come home.

A dull entryway makes you feel low and tired, whereas a little bit of design creativity can instantly lift your spirits and energise you. This space is also where guests get their first impression of your home. So as you reimagine and revamp your arrival area, focus on three key aspects.

FROM THE OUTER Style up the area immediately outside your main door. If you live in a bungalow, consider redoing the facade for a fresh look by introducing a patch of deep blue or vivid orange. This can set a dramatic and high-energy tone while stone cladding lends an air of classic charm.

Paths leading up to the entrance must be free of obstacles and lit well at night. To increase curb appeal, experiment with potted plants or mosaic bricks along the walkway.

For those who live in apartments, turn your attention to the space outside the door. Give the surrounding walls a fresh coat of paint, put up some artwork and add elements of interest such as a stone sculpture or an interesting welcome mat that resonates with your personality.

GO IN-BETWEENS The star of the entryway is the door itself. Take the elegant route with an evergreen wood look or evoke a sense of whimsy with vibrant colours and materials such as glass.

You can also use design elements that connect the entryway with the rest of the exterior. Use decorative moulding or opt for a dramatic archway that echoes the style of your windows or veranda.

The main door can be framed by full-length windows to allow natural light in and create a feeling of openness.

INSIDE ASPECTS The front door opens into a foyer, which introduces visitors to the interior spaces of your home. Cramped foyers can benefit from a bold feature such as eye-catching wallpaper or an oversized painting that draws attention away from the small space.

A framed mirror expands the space; also, it allows you to take a quick look at yourself before heading out. A console offers a space for creative accents like an antique vase, intricate bonsai plant or basket filled with pinecones.

If you don’t want shoes in your home, place a chair or stool in the foyer so that people can comfortably sit and either remove or put on their shoes.

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