Best of both WORLDS

BY Pallavi Pinakin

With a cycling trip, you get the best of both worlds – travelling and exploring new places while getting plenty of exercise! What better way to combine fun and fitness! Here are some important decisions you’ll need to make when planning your dream biking trip…

PLACES OF CHOICE The upside of picking a popular route or destination is that it will be better equipped for a biking trip. Cycle friendly cities such as Copenhagen, Montreal and Tokyo feature dedicated cycling lanes, servicing shops and bike sharing programmes along with a lively biking community. 

But these places tend to get very crowded in high season – with hotel prices reflecting the demand.

A less busy biking tour offers more peace and quiet but you’ll have to plan exceptionally well so you don’t end up stranded with a broken bike or no accommodation!

SOLO OR GROUPS? If you’re an experienced cyclist and enjoy solitude, a solo cycling tour could be the perfect getaway. A long trip is not advisable for first time bikers, no matter how well you prepare in advance – because there are too many variables out there that can trip up an inexperienced cyclist. 

But there are plenty of great businesses that can put together biking excursions for groups of all levels. 

PLAN CAREFULLY For some, half the fun of a trip lies in planning it, from mapping the route to choosing eateries and hotels along the way. The result is an itinerary that’s perfectly tailored to your preferences. 

Others may prefer a pre-planned tour. This option is more expensive and can restrict flexibility; but it provides the benefit of eliminating the hassles, leaving you to enjoy the tour to its fullest. 

CHOICE OF BIKES Seasoned bikers rarely want to travel without their own ride – and with good reason too. The gears, seating and so on are perfectly calibrated to their needs, and quality bikes for hire can be difficult to find. 

However, carrying your own transport is troublesome since there’s packing and unpacking, airport transfers and airline fees involved. 

So unless you’re a serious biker or have unique preferences, it’s best to rent a standard bicycle at your destination. If you wish to carry your own bike, make sure to have it serviced and thoroughly checked before the trip. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with mechanical problems on day one!

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