October 26, 2020
October 26, 2020



BY Pallavi Pinakin

Carefully selected art can add tons of personality to any space. Keep these tips in mind as you look for the perfect painting for your home.

SET THE TONE Consider the basics (such as the colour of the wall where you plan to display the artwork, palette of the room and the vibe of its interiors – casual or classic, quirky or glam, ultramodern or vintage) before you set off on your search. This will help you narrow the choices.

FIT TO SIZE Measure the dimensions of the wall as well as any furniture – such as a sofa, bed or TV cabinet – that will sit below the painting. In general, the art should measure around two-thirds of the width of the item of furniture and be placed at least 15 centimetres above its edge.

A single oversized painting creates a feeling of expanse while lots of small artworks fill up a space and can make it feel cluttered. For compact rooms, consider one large ‘hero piece’ as the focal point. If you fall in love with a small painting, have it framed with an oversized matte to increase its visual impact.

LET IT SPEAK While rules are useful, art is ultimately about what you like. Whether it’s a watercolour that speaks to your soul or a photograph that makes you smile, the piece you love may not exactly match your colour scheme or room dimensions.

But if it resonates with you, then it’s the right choice. More than furniture or wall paint, artwork is the ideal way to express your eclectic side. Even if you outgrow it after some years, it can be replaced without needing to change everything else in the room.

Pro tip: don’t trust love at first sight when it comes to art. View it again a day or two later, and see if you still feel the same way.

FIND THE STORY If you want to buy art with context, explore the local creative scene. Browse galleries in your area and check out events featuring upcoming artists. When you find something you connect with, you may be able to interact with the artist directly, and ask him or her about its inspiration and backstory.

You may even be able to commission a custom piece. If it isn’t possible to meet the creator, check the website or social media to dig deeper into the story behind whatever took your fancy.

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