Picking your shades

A guide to that perfect shape BY Pia Hatch

Shades are vital and practical, as they protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays and degeneration due to blue light. But let’s be ho­nest, they’re also cool and it is important to select a pair that’s perfect for you.

Since most of us are unable to properly identify the shape of our face or feel like we belong to only one category, it’s easier to decide on the basis of the width and length of the face, as well as any special features.

FACIAL WIDTH Remember to measure the width of your forehead from temple to temple. The width of the frame should correspond to that distance across your face. Wearing frames that are too wide will make you look rather unbalanced.

FACIAL LENGTH Measure this space from your hairline to the bottom of your chin. The rule of thumb is that if the width and length are the same, you have a short face. Your face is considered long if the length is greater than the width.

FACIAL FEATURES Bone structure and body fat percentage are key here. Your features are composed of different lines and contours – some are curvy while others are straight, soft or sharp. Since opposites tend to attract, perfectly round frames will go well with a square jawline and sharp features.

If you are confident of the shape of your face, here’s a guide to which frames will suit you best.

Heart-shaped faces are enhanced by ‘cat eye,’ ‘square cat eye,’ ‘flat top’ and ‘rectangular’ shapes, as well as ‘aviator’ frames.

Square faces do well with frames that are oversized rounds, ovals or ‘cat eye.’

A round face looks best with wide rectangular frames, ‘slim cat eye,’ ‘retro square’ or even a classic ‘wayfarer.’

Diamond shaped and oval faces will look good with any type of frame.

“It is important to select a pair that’s perfect for you”

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