Bucolic Beauty

February 1, 2021
February 1, 2021
February 1, 2021

Located in Imaduwa in the Galle District, this beautiful holiday home was designed for Sri Lankan ethno-musician and jazz drummer Dr. Sumudi Suraweera and his wife Amani. The land, which is located close to a creek and surrounded by a thicket, had been abandoned for decades due to constant flooding until the client decided to reclaim it. The structure was built in two months to negotiate the flood-prone landscape and have minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Its overall arthropod-like structure is lightweight with an exoskeleton made out of steel scaffolding.

The scaffold, which highlights the modular design of the structure, lifts the living spaces above the flood line. This house comprises three main platforms – living, dining and pantry decks – which are connected to two-bedroom wings with light bridges that are perfectly angled to views of the surrounding vegetation, creek and distant mountains. Bedrooms have lightweight SuperFlex walls. The overall project, including the furniture and interiors, has used reclaimed or repurposed materials in the main and is therefore extremely economical. One can experience the bucolic beauty of the landscape from the generous decks and balconies of this holiday home, which is ideal for the perfect weekend getaway amid nature.

PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT Palinda Kannangara Architects
INTERIOR DESIGNER Palinda Kannangara Architects
PROJECT MANAGER Palinda Kannangara Architects
ENGINEER Ranjith Wijegunasekera
PHOTOGRAPHERS Luka Alagiyawanna and Mahesh Mendis

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