Being Married for 37 Years, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest Sum Up Their Relationship Advice In Just 2 Words

Marriage is about love and romance, but it also takes commitment and hard work when it isn’t smooth sailing. Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have had a long and solid marriage. But even though they have been together for 37 years, they know it takes work to keep a marriage happy. And surely, in their decades together, they have learned a bit about what makes a successful and lasting marriage.

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We at Bright Side believe that marriages stay strong according to the decisions both partners make to commit to them. We wanted to share this story so that we can all see that when it’s the right person, all the work a relationship takes is worth it for love and security.

Jamie Lee Curtis knew immediately that he was the one.

© Buddy Hacket Ernest Borgnine 1982/PHOTOlink/Everett Collection/East News© VALERIE MACON/AFP/East News

Jamie first “met” Christopher when she was 25 years old when she saw his picture in Rolling Stone magazine. She immediately told her friend that she would marry him. As a strange coincidence, her friend happened to know his agent, and told Jamie this. She called and gave them her number in case Chris was interested, but he never called.

Jamie says now that her whole life hinged on a couple of seconds that she didn’t see coming — seeing his picture in that magazine. Showing you truly never know what is around the corner or what chance might bring you.

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