You’ve probably heard about how the North and South Poles are melting. You may also have watched numerous documentaries on how the ozone layer is depleting and of course, you’d have spotted Greta Thunberg and her fight for climate change.

But did you know that your skin is also suffering from pollution and other lifestyle factors? And while our planet will endure climate change for the foreseeable future, your skin can be saved today.

So while you keep fighting the good fight for our planet, here are a few of our favourites for the month of August… to help protect your skin.

Coffee BeanBody is back, this time with two delicious additions to your skincare routine! Say hello to Rose Petal Jelly Mask and Mojito Scrub, which promise to leave your skin hydrated and refreshed – they are perfect for your weekend self-care day.

Simply apply the mask and sip some red or use the scrub at night to remove all traces of your hectic day and work. Your skin will be left feeling lighter and rejuvenated!

Whenever there is a change in the weather – especially in cooler months – flu season is likely to descend on us. To help boost your immunity, Vitawell has launched a new range of immunity boosters made with sambuca and elderberry.

The concoctions are recommended for all ages and come in a range of different forms starting with kiddie throat pops, to capsules for adults and of course, your standard cough and cold syrups.

Areej brings you Rose Gold serum, a few drops a day of this magical elixir and you can rest assured that your skin is replenished throughout the day, the brand promises. Regular use of the Rose Gold serum is thought to brighten up your skin to give you a clearer complexion.

Rose water is a timeless beauty hack and Sculpcious is back with its Rose Hydrating face mist. Packaged for your convenience, you can carry the bottle with you at all times and simply spritz it on to quench your skin.

The brand’s face mist range also includes Jasmine Balancing face mist. We should also mention that the mist waters are homemade, ensuring that additives or drugs aren’t used in the manufacturing process.

Adding to its latest releases – and there are many skincare goodies coming out – is the Spiced Orange body scrub.

The warm concoction envelops you in the soothing scents of orange and cinnamon, while exfoliating and softening your skin with 100 percent organic and pure essential oils. Why not revive and restore your skin to its natural glow?

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