Anna Laudel to Participate in Investec Cape Town Art Fair for the First Time!

Anna Laudel is delighted to announce its first participation in Investec Cape Town Art Fair, from February 17 to 19, 2023, in South Africa. Known for being the biggest contemporary art fair in Africa, the 10th edition of Investec Cape Town Art Fair will focus on the notion of time, highlighting its journey over the last decade. Anna Laudel’s participation in the fair will include a special selection of artworks produced by Daniele Sigalot, Mathias Hornung and Ramazan Can.

The artworks of Daniele Sigalot from Italy, Mathias Hornung from Germany, and Ramazan Can from Turkey combine a wide range of materials including metal, stone, wood, paper, wool, and neon, and express a strong sensual stimulation of touch, offering different perspectives for the viewers.

Daniele Sigalot is a conceptual artist, whose artistic language is joyful, cynical, absurd and shocking through its content, materiality, and scale. He creates sharp and short sentences, which are critique of the art market, perception of life and expectation from the future. His enlarged post-it notes in aluminum are part of the production of ideas but they are indeed satirical, which capture the audience with their humor. In his photography works, the image of his hand protrudes from the water, holding a burning torch of life that beautifully brings together the contrast between water and fire, questioning the visibility of the bigger picture beyond the surface.

Mathias Hornung’s works dissolve the boundary between graphics and sculpture. They are sensual and at the same time conceptual images that play with the space and interspace between media and materials. The artworks of Hornung are based on rectangular grids printed either on paper or carved three-dimensionally on wood. Topography as well as time and space play an important role in his works, but the ultimate idea behind his works is the break from the perfect, even and regular web of life. In his woodblock prints, past, present, and future enter into an idiosyncratic, oscillating relationship. In a world of ever more perfect technical images, he links their codes with the old process of high pressure with his direct manual access to sensual immediacy.

In his works, Ramazan Can investigates the issues of modern life by establishing connections between past and present and presents forgotten anecdotes from “primitive” traditions. Inspired by Shamanism, rituals, totems, Anatolian traditions, mythology and identity issues, he invites the audience to witness and experience his journey into his mind and into his childhood memories as a nomad. He works across different mediums including neon, oil paint, collage, bead embroidery, mosaic, concrete, and wood to create paintings, installations, sculptures, carpets, and weavings to tell his story and the nomad culture, allowing him to compare the modern and the primitive and to produce works where he uses the practices of primitive traditions to explain today’s conflicts.

Each of the three artists in the selection produces multilayered, impactful works and uses art as a medium to access strong physical sensations as a response to the current age of digitalization. The passage of time for these artists forms a common ground of focus that they explore in their works with a desire to create new possibilities and spaces of thought and vision within the past, present, and future.

Positioning itself as the place where the fast-growing African art market and the international art world meet, the 10th edition of Investec Cape Town Art Fair will showcase exhibitions by 88 exhibitors around the world. The exhibitors will be divided into different curated sections including Tomorrows/Today, SOLO, Past/Modern, EDITIONS, and ALT.

The only gallery representing Turkey at the fair, Anna Laudel’s selection of artworks by Daniele Sigalot, Mathias Hornung, and Ramazan Can, can be visited at Booth B9 of Investec Cape Town Art Fair from February 17 to 19, 2023 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre.

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