February 10, 2021
February 11, 2021


Holistic solutions for healthier lifestyles

As a working mother, I’ve had to learn to balance many aspects of my life to fulfil the needs of those around me. From employers to my family members including the young ones, balancing these needs naturally took its toll on me, and I discovered that I barely had time for myself and my needs.

I took less care of myself and by doing so, realised that I was not fit enough to handle many of my responsibilities – be it physically or mentally. Fitness was the last thing on my mind. The idea of managing a house, family, job and on top of that, my weight, seemed ludicrous.

Eventually, I began to dislike looking in the mirror every morning as it was a constant reminder of how much I’d put off my needs.

Being both physically and mentally unfit also played a part in how I performed in my roles as a mother and an employee. I was constantly tired, meals that were usually cooked at home ended up being shop-bought and deadlines were missed.

It was a morning like any other when I found myself lying in bed and realised that I needed to make some changes.

Following this, I searched for a life insurance solution and realised the importance of one that would go beyond standard protections with a focus on wellness to help me lead a healthier life.

This is why I am grateful for the AIA Insurance Lanka and oDoc wellness solution. In addition to the company’s variety of life and health insurance solutions, this free initiative is geared to provide the necessary push needed to get myself back on the right and healthy track!

The solution offers six free consultations over a year with Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registered doctors and consultants specialising in wellness, nutrition, mental health and physiotherapy among other areas. This will finally help me take care of my health while working around my busy schedule.

While the first consultation involves an evaluation, the rest are followups, ensuring that my health and wellbeing receive adequate care and attention from qualified professionals. What’s more, I would have the opportunity to do them from anywhere and at any time through the mobile application!

With this unique proposition, there will no longer be days of feeling too fatigued to cook after work or Saturday afternoons of being too tired to play with my children outside. And most importantly, the days of missing work deadlines would be over as well!

Through better nutrition and an active lifestyle, and with someone to help navigate my daily thought processes, I look forward to finding myself again. And all this so easily accessible through my mobile phone and from the comfort of my own home.

If there is one thing I would urge all working mothers to do, it’s to take the first step – take care of your wellbeing to take care of your loved ones. I believe that taking these steps will lead to a total lifestyle change for the better. With this offering from AIA Insurance Lanka and oDoc, I’m pleased to see that there are solutions to help people on their wellness journeys.

AIA Insurance Lanka tied up with Sri Lanka’s pioneering telemedicine provider oDoc to offer this novel programme to all AIA customers with an annual premium of more than Rs. 100,000 a policy.

For almost three decades, AIA Insurance Lanka has catered to millions of Sri Lankans as a key player in the local insurance sector. Committed to contributing to the betterment of Sri Lanka’s economy and society at large, the organisation offers protection geared to serve customers at every stage of their lives with a range of retirement, health and savings solutions for individuals, large corporates and SMEs.

AIA is driven by its promise of helping people live healthier, longer and better lives, which resulted in the company’s commitment to not only providing great insurance products but rather, a holistic and comprehensive proposition that helps people throughout their wellness journey. In essence, AIA Insurance Lanka wants to support us in staying healthy and well – physically, mentally and of course, financially.

Backed by AIA Group’s strength and wealth expertise, AIA Insurance Lanka looks to offer propositions to help Sri Lankans make choices so they can enjoy healthier, longer and better lives.

– Priya V

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