Shanudrie Priyasad

Shanudrie Priyasad is a Sri Lankan actress

This and That

Q: Life is…
A roller coaster ride – enjoy it

Q: What’s your one annoying habit?
I hardly answer my phone and simply stare at the screen until the call ends

Q: What are you most passionate about – and why?
Acting is a passion because my career has inspired many people and I’m admired for the work I’ve done

Q: Men or shoes…?
Shoes – because I can change them whenever I want to

Q: What would be a good theme song for your life?
Sumihiri Pane

Q: Name five things in your fridge at home right now…
Half a slice of tiramisu, a carton of milk, old curries in boxes, raw fish and ice cubes

Q: What was the last gift you gave someone?
A pair of sunglasses

Stuff of Dreams

Q: If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
To maintain my figure and the shapely forms of others – as some of us eat plates full of rice every day!

Q: Your dream holiday would be…?
Somewhere far away with only the company of the love of my life while having access to the beach, as well as unlimited food and drink

Q: What’s your dream job?
Any job that doesn’t require me to wake up before 9 a.m.

Q: And who is your celebrity crush?
Varun Dhawan

Favourite Things

Q: Your favourite place to eat at…
Since I’m a foodie, I can’t pick one restaurant – because I love trying new places

Q: What are your favourite TV shows?
Elite and Squid Game

Q: Favourite cocktails…?
Mojitos and Cosmopolitans

Q: All-time favourite movies…?
It’s a tossup between White Chicks and Kal Ho Naa Ho

Deep and Meaningful

Q: What’s the best thing about being in the entertainment industry?
It’s a fresh challenge every day and I learn new things with every project

Q: So what do you look for in your life partner?
If he can stick with me through it all, I will marry him

Q: If you could run a charity, what causes would it promote?
Women and children

Q: What would you like life to be in 20 years from now?
I’d like to be married with three kids

Q: Name one thing you would like to change about yourself…
Overthinking situations

Q: Children are…
My most favourite beings – and I can’t wait to have my own someday

– Compiled by Ashwini Vethakan

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