October 24, 2021
October 24, 2021
October 24, 2021

Home Away From Home

BY Pallavi Pinakin

If you’re not crazy about the idea of staying at a conventional hotel, consider booking your next holiday at a villa. These spacious houses are a great option for travellers – couples, families or groups of friends. Here are some reasons why villas deserve a place on your vacation shortlist.

HEAPS OF PRIVACY A dedicated villa is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to disconnect completely from the outside world. You can relax, let your hair down and chill in total peace without worrying about making small talk with strangers, inconvenient interruptions from housekeeping or being too loud for other guests.

Best of all, the facilities are for your use only. That means no queueing up for the breakfast buffet or waiting for a free poolside chair. Staying at a villa also means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

TAILORED GETAWAY A villa is essentially a home away from home. A fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and WiFi are par for the course. The more luxurious villas might even offer a home cinema, fitness equipment or a spa treatment room.

Villa stays can easily be tailored for both children and adults, making them a great option for family getaways. The kids can enjoy lots of pool time while their parents relax. Many villas are also pet friendly – so your furry friends can go on vacation too!

VALUE FOR MONEY Villas are particularly cost-effective for large groups and provide the perfect base for a big celebration, work retreat or any other private gathering.

And it isn’t necessary for guests to shell out big bucks either. A villa can accommodate anywhere from six to 30 people, depending on its size. So when you split the cost among members of a large group, it can turn out to be an economical stay – often cheaper than a good hotel.

GREENER HOLIDAY Since a villa is essentially a luxurious homestay, it’s far more sustainable than most hotels in terms of energy and water usage. Some villas actively pursue green initiatives by opting for solar energy or planting trees to offset emissions. Eco-friendly travellers can check this before booking.

In the current climate, villas also provide a safe and physically distanced abode for an anxiety free holiday, away from the crowds and in secluded locations. Having your own kitchen means you can even cook and eat at ‘home’ if that’s what you prefer.

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