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February 5, 2021
February 5, 2021
February 5, 2021

BY Pallavi Pinakin

Whether you have friends coming over for a party or simply want your home to look ‘Insta-­worthy,’ here are four easy ways to enhance your style quotient.

ACCESSORIES Defined as ‘jewellery for the home’ by professional stylists, accessories add a ton of personality and depth to your interiors. These range from vases and photo frames, to wall art and trinkets.

When displaying these items, try to follow ‘the rule of three.’ A trio appears harmonious and appeals to the eye while vary­ing sizes and textures add interest. Along with your regular accessories, choose one or two eye-catching pieces for each space.

But be careful: do not to overdo it since conversation pieces need to stand out rather than be lost in the clutter.

LESS IS MORE Your home shouldn’t look like you are trying too hard… so remember to opt for the ‘less is more’ mantra. For example, flowers are a great way to add bloom to the room.

However, avoid a big bouquet in a crystal vase in the middle of the dining table because that’s dull, predictable and seemingly ‘for guests.’  

Instead, put a couple of blooms in a simple vase and place them in an off-centre spot. Similarly, layer the floor with mix and match rugs of different sizes rather than a single wall-to-wall carpet. This way, your styling exudes a relaxed and casual vibe.

STRONG ENTRY Don’t underestimate the potential of a striking entrance because it makes a wonderful first impression and sets the right tone for visitors.

Throw a fresh coat of paint on the main door to make it spotless, invest in a creative house sign and add a couple of inexpensive decorations. You can’t go wrong with potted plants as long as they are green and well maintained.

LOVELY LOO Any bathroom with curated details earns mega points for style. And you can dress up that space in a number of simple ways. Invest in a fancy bottle for liquid hand soap and place a stack of fresh fluffy hand towels in a basket by the washbasin. The hand towels should be white or in pastel shades.

A single fern or an orchid makes the spa­­­ce seem glamorous as does a nature inspired scented candle.

And for a more extensive upgrade on a budget, redo the loo with marble look-alike tiles, which are available at prices that are much lower than the real thing.

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