November 24, 2020
November 24, 2020



BY Pallavi Pinakin

Dreaming of escaping to a spa? Well, why not bring it home instead? A spa inspired bathroom evokes a feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation that’s perfect for elevating your day-to-day routine. Here are some tips for a bathroom spa makeover.

DECLUTTERING Have you noticed that the best spas have a highly minimalistic ambience? That’s because clear spaces allow the mind to relax. Decluttering your bathroom is the first step to creating a serene oasis.

Start by getting rid of anything that you no longer use or is past its expiry date. Then store the remaining items out of sight in a drawer or cabinet. Optionally, add open shelves for towel baskets, fancy soaps and pampering lotions. Keep the surfaces of slabs clear – don’t use them for storage.

SOOTHING HUES A great way to instantly give your bathroom a spa-like feel is to decorate it with calming colours. White is the favoured colour the world over but any soft neutral shades will work too.

Consider muted grey, beige or cream as the primary hue and accent with pale pink or mauve for a feminine feel, and teal or sky-blue for a more neutral setting. These palettes are ideal for unwinding your body, mind and spirit.

HEALING VIBES Materials that nurture and pamper are key to a truly indulgent spa experience. Is there anything more comforting than soft fluffy textures against the skin? Use sumptuous towels, robes and slippers to add luxury to your bathing ritual or take it to a whole new level with a towel warmer.

Natural materials such as woven bamboo baskets, reclaimed wooden trays and naturally scented candles create a healing organic ambience. Potted plants are also a great way to make the room feel more harmonious. Greens such as aloe vera, peace lily and philodendron generally do well indoors even in low light conditions. For a pop of glamour, try orchids.

LUXE FEATURES The shower, tub, toilet and washbasin are at the heart of any bathroom. Upgrading these will instantly elevate your experience. If major changes aren’t feasible, focus on other big impact design elements.

Using your own beautiful set of dispensers for hand soap, shampoo and lotion instantly makes the interior look more luxurious and put together. Ground your senses at bath time with a wooden bath mat – a staple in high end spas. Teak and cedar are smart choices due to their water-resistant qualities.

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