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Husband (Ruwan)

Black Pork Curry

A glass of fresh mango juice

Roshni Perera is the Executive Chef at 6 to Six Bakers. She has over 15 years of experience in baking and chocolate making.

Q: As a chef, how does your day unfold?
A: To be honest, my internal clock works in such a way that I find myself programmed to do things ahead of time for the next day. So when the day unfolds, it’s already organised, and I know what needs to be done and what the day’s menu will consist of.

Q: Who inspired you to venture into the hospitality trade?
A: My husband inspired me.

Q: And your first dish was…?
A: It was not a culinary dish per se but a chocolate chip cake.

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement as a chef to be?
A: The moment the management at Cinnamon Grand put me in charge of the chocolate department.

Q: Tell us about the emerging trends in food and drink…
A: Currently, people tend to prefer healthier and more nutritious food grown using organic fertilisers. The same has been said about beverages as people are leaning towards fresh juices instead of sugary carbonated drinks.

Q: Would you have any advice for the home cooks amongst us?
A: My advice to home cooks is to use natural ingredients as much as possible without any artificial additives.

Q: What are your three favourite ingredients – and why?
A: Butter, eggs and of course, chocolate – because these are the ingredients needed for cakes and chocolates.

Q: Name three favourite utensils that you can’t do without…
A: An oven, a mixing bowl and a burner.

Q: Any cooking tips or tricks you’d like to share with our readers?
A: Yes, the first would be to not look for shortcuts and learn the methods properly. And second, one needs to have a true sense of dedica-tion to the craft.

Q: In view of your current role, what plans do you have going forward?
A: I’d like to try out some new delicacies that are my own in the near future.

Q: What would your advice to aspiring chefs be?
A: You should be willing to learn, have a strong mind and always be positive; and finally, you will get nowhere without hard work and dedica-tion.


380g___praline paste
230g___milk couverture
110g___Rice Krispies
30g ___cocoa butter
40g ___soft butter
450g__milk couverture (to coat)


Temper the milk couverture, whipped praline paste and marzipan in a mixing bowl using a paddle. Then fold the tempered couverture, Rice Krispies and melted cocoa butter with soft butter.

Spread on a parchment paper lined tray and leave to set overnight. Cut and shape it into pieces while coating with milk couverture on the truffle grid before you serve.

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