October 27, 2021
October 26, 2021
October 27, 2021


BY Pallavi Pinakin

Your bedside table is usually the last thing you see before switching off the lights and the first object you notice upon waking up. Read on for some cool DIY ideas that will inspire you to reinvent that simple item of furniture.

RUSTIC LOG ITEM Add a touch of the wild into your bedroom with a rustic look. Buy a log; or if you live near a forest and are feeling adventurous, drive out to find a fallen one – it doesn’t get more sustainable than that!

Before doing so however, read up on forestry regulations in your area. Dry the wood in bright sunshine for a few days after treating it with a basic anti-termite spray. Saw it down to your preferred height, add two coats of varnish and voila, you can now wake up to a soothing piece of nature… by your bed!

FLOATER SHELVES For a balanced, calming and aesthetic look, replace your traditional standing bedside table with a floating one. Simply drill two holes into the ends of a board, run smooth rope through them and fasten both ends with a strong knot. Finally, secure the rope to a ceiling hook or curtain rod.

Make sure the shelf is not too close to your bed, to avoid knocking things over accidentally. Alternatively, fix one end against the wall to prevent unwanted swinging.

STACKS OF BOOKS This is perfect for bibliophiles. What could be better than waking up next to a pile of beautiful books? All you need to do is stack several books on top of each other – and you have a perfectly balanced bedside table.

For stability, use similar size volumes and place double sided tape between the books. You can even arrange two piles side by side to gain more surface area. Ensure that the books on top are perfectly aligned with each other to keep the structure intact.

REUSED DRAWERS Thrifty and eco-friendly readers will appreciate this suggestion. When getting rid of an old cabinet, save the drawers because they are usually stackable and can make for a great bedside surface when placed one on top of another. You can even use the storage space between them to stow less frequently used items.

Alternatively, simply remove the knob of one drawer, flip it vertically and place a vase of fresh flowers inside – you now have a simple (and chic) table at your disposal!

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