BY Pallavi Pinakin

A CLASSIC BLUE For the past 20 years, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced home design and fashion collections around the world. This year, its choice of Classic Blue marks a return to simplicity and stability. The hue is that of the sky at dusk and a calm sea, and provides a sense of comfort as one decade ends and another begins.

Pantone describes it as a ‘refuge’ for the human spirit, bringing a sense of peace and thoughtfulness at a time when the world is changing faster than we can imagine. Thanks to its universality, Classic Blue can easily be layered into existing interiors through decorative tiles, rugs, throws and curtains, for living and dining areas. In the bedroom, this calming shade can help create an oasis-like vibe, which is perfect for your sleep sanctuary. Introduce it in the form of linen, artwork or even an accent wall.

TRANQUIL DAWNS Dulux has also made a serene choice for 2020. Tranquil Dawn, which is inspired by the morning sky, sits somewhere on the spectrum among green, grey and blue. It’s a reassuring shade that acts as an antidote to the feelings of disconnection and chaos in modern-day cities. This wonderfully versatile colour can be paired with sandy browns for a nurturing ambience or with black, white and a vibrant colour – such as yellow – for a cheerful and sunny space.

FIRST LIGHT Benjamin Moore Paints gives us First Light, which is a soft pink that evokes freshness and renewal. As a new decade looms, this rosy hue captures a sense of possibility and optimism. Its unconventionality adds interest and character to a room while being subtle enough to work well with other colours, and be used in nearly any setting. First Light offers a rosy sophisticated alternative to dull beige and predictable white.

BACK TO NATURE Behr, which shapes trends in the DIY world, presents Back to Nature. This hue contains soft grass green notes that channel the gracious balanced energy of the natural world. It creates a feeling of renewal, and goes perfectly with increasingly green trends in home design – such as sustainable materials, indoor plants and multifunctional outdoor spa­­ces. Revitalise your interiors by combin­­­­ing this lovely green with other nature inspired shades. Behr suggests bringing together a variety of blues and greens through its Soothing Stream palette.

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