Celebrity Files

Dateline Hollywood

Lily Collins was born into show business; and as the daughter of singing legend Phil Collins, she was always primed for success

Inside Story

He’s travelled the world and its seven seas; and unlike almost everyone else, Jerome Speldewinde is simply looking to get better at what gives him joy – the blues

Emilia Clarke

Is it Game Over Time or Game On? Emilia Clarke continues to forge ahead in…

Inside Story

JOY AND GOODWILL SHARING AND CARING THIS SEASON This year, there will be a different…

Yupun Abeykoon

Speed Seeker Yupun Abeykoon is a hard man to track down – literally! For one,…

Gal Gadot

Reality Check Gal Gadot’s ability to handle criticism has provided her with a spirit that’s…

Dr. Natalie Cooke

She exudes a sense of confidence and there’s a definitive aura around her as Dr. Natalie Cooke

World Of Music

Amusician, an artiste, a collaborator and a universalist, Pharrell Williams’ thoughts