August 31, 2021
September 1, 2021

Fitness at your doorstep!

The fear of being infected with one of the most deadly viruses in living memory is not the only aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic that people should be concerned about. Many fail to acknowledge the long-term implications of working from home (WFH), which is now part of the ‘new normal’ across the world.

A reduction of physical activity and the tendency to lead a more sedentary lifestyle are exacerbated by the pressures brought on by isolation from society.

To escape these pressures, many find themselves lounging around, and consuming unhealthy food and drink. It is no surprise then that weight gain is a worrying aspect that needs to be addressed – even as vaccination drives pick up pace and we look ahead to life regaining some semblance of normality.

To encourage people to invest more in their health and fitness, AIA Insurance Lanka introduced the AIA Fitness Solution. Understanding the need to steer clear from the dangers of the pandemic, the insurer tied up with online fitness provider Fitzky to offer free online fitness sessions for policyholders.

Driven by a commitment to help people live healthier, longer and better lives, AIA Insurance is willing to push boundaries and break barriers to move away from the traditional ‘you die and we will pay’ model. Instead, the company intends to help customers appreciate their lives as they adapt and learn to live with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to AGM Marketing Shevanthie De Alwis, “research suggests that Sri Lankans understand the importance of healthy lifestyle choices but are slow to act on them. This has worsened with the pandemic. As a company committed to creating a healthier Sri Lanka, we had to do something about this. That is why we have introduced the AIA Fitness Solution to enable customers to indulge in a free and easy to use ecosystem to be fit and healthy.”

She adds that the partnership with Fitzky was formed with the intention of offering policyholders an unparalleled fitness routine that can be followed online at home.

Video sessions with professional trainers cover the fundamentals of Zumba, yoga, HIIT, cardio, strength and conditioning, and ab and body weight training. Customers can choose up to 12 online fitness classes every month from the ‘AIA Fitness Solution Classes’ banner on Fitzky’s homepage.

Prior to this, AIA Insurance offered six free wellness consultations a year with specialists via oDoc – a pioneer telemedicine provider in Sri Lanka. Positioned as a one of a kind initiative by an insurer in facilitating physical, mental and emotional wellness, policyholders were offered an opportunity to consult specialist physicians through oDoc.

As a leading life insurer, AIA Insurance offers a comprehensive selection of savings, retirement and life insurance products. Ensuring the wellbeing of customers by conducting awareness initiatives, forming partnerships and providing sponsorships is at the heart of the company’s modus operandi.

AIA Insurance says it is focussed on helping customers live healthier, longer and better lives. The intent is made clear by the company’s commitment to arrange monthly talk shows and webinars hosted by leading doctors and professionals, as well as its support for organisations such as the Sri Lanka Cancer Society.

– Compiled by Randheer Mallawaarachchi

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