5 Sandals Trends That Will Never Go out Of Style

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Classic sandals are the crown jewels in any summer wardrobe. Whether you’re a minimalist or a grand maximalist at heart, there’s no denying the power of anchoring an outfit with a timeless shoe. Of course, it can be hard to unearth the best styles, especially with the constant of here-today, gone-tomorrow trends.

The trick to ensuring you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse is to look for ever-enduring silhouettes made with high-quality craftsmanship. At the most luxe end of the scale, there’s the Hermès Oran sandal. It’s an iconic sandal that hasn’t missed a beat since its creation 25 years ago. Yes, the recognisable H logo is an easy sell, but the shoe’s true power comes from the easy-to-slip-on silhouette and expertly crafted design.

Of course, Hermès isn’t the only brand delivering timeless sandals to wear over and over again each summer. On the other side of the price spectrum, there are those beloved double-buckle Birkenstocks, which are a permanent fixture in the British Vogue office. There are several brands that have mastered the art of the timeless summer shoe. If you’re looking for classic sandals that never go out of style, you’ll find the best of the best all here.

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