19 Outstanding Men’s Skincare Products to Fill Your Bathroom Shelves

Source: Vogue – 24 MAY 2022

Men’s skincare: arguably the biggest shift in the skincare world in the last decade. Gone are the days when potions and lotions were reserved for women only. Nowadays, skincare products are increasingly unisex, with a whole host of great, gender-neutral offerings that rank up there with the best men’s skincare products, doing everything from nourishing and hydrating tired skin to de-clogging pores.

Since the start of the pandemic, interest in men’s skincare has only intensified. “Like women, men’s grooming habits have been changed by the pandemic,” says Clare Varga, head of beauty at forecasting agency, WGSN. “Heterosexual men, in particular, began to experiment with their partners’ products and try out new looks with the extra time in lockdown, while shifts to online shopping allowed them to explore skincare in a less intimidating environment.” In fact, by 2024, as cultural attitudes towards masculinity and beauty evolve, experts predict a levelling up of the gender split in skincare, with a large proportion of men embracing involved skincare routines.

So, what are the best skincare options out there for men? While the desire for great skin is universal, skin types are not. “There are some basic differences in male and female skin, in part related to the androgen, testosterone,” says dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto. “Male skin is about 20 per cent thicker than that of females, as it contains more collagen and elastin, which makes the skin more resistant to the development of wrinkles.” This means that while borrowing skincare from a partner’s shelf in the bathroom cabinet shouldn’t be verboten, generally speaking men’s skin will react better to products specifically formulated for their needs

“Men also have more hair follicles and their associated sebaceous glands, resulting in oilier skin,” adds Mahto. “Additionally, regular shaving exfoliates the upper skin layers and can lead to irritation.” To keep oiliness at bay, Mahto recommends products containing ingredients such as salicylic acid. Other than that, a great initial regimen should include a cleanser, exfoliator, SPF and a moisturiser, with the addition of traditional grooming essentials such as beard oils.

Brands such as Kiehl’s, Clinique and Tom Ford already offer products specifically marketed to men, with shaving foam, beard oil and exfoliating scrubs all created with facial hair in mind. These bestselling men’s skincare options are neither greasy, sticky nor perfumed. Then there’s brands such as Aesop, La Mer and Burt’s Bees, or newcomers Fenty Skin and Pharrell’s Human Race, which use chic, minimal packaging, making them a great unisex skincare destination that will cater to all needs. Meanwhile, the last few years has also seen a rise in male-specific skincare brands, such as Bulldog and Anthony.

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