Travel Apps to
Get About

BY Pallavi Pinakin

Forward all related emails to your acco­unt and the app will use the data to create a master itinerary that will help you stay organised

In this age of AI and IoT, there are many exciting apps that can up your travel ante. One such useful money app is XE Currency Converter, which provides the latest exchange rates. Other apps offer similarly helpful functionality – for example, some users say Waze offers more timely alerts since it is crowdsourced. Here are a few others.

PACKPOINT No more lists for every trip. Simply enter your destination, dates and type of travel – and PackPoint will generate a customised packing list for you. The app even checks the weather at the location for your convenience.

LOUNGEBUDDY Long waits at the airport don’t have to be painful or uncomfortable and can become part of your vacation. This app provides information on airport lounges in their network around the world. You can pay for a day pass and spend your layover in comfort or look for lounges that allow free access.

TIMESHIFTER Jet lag can wreak havoc on the first few days of your trip. Developed by scientists, Timeshifter gives you a personalised plan to help minimise the circadian disruption caused by travel. Using factors such as light exposure, sleep timings and caffeine consumption, the hourly timeline helps you adjust to new time zones seamlessly. The first plan is free and definitely worth a try.

ROME2RIO How should you get from A to B? Would the train or bus be faster? Which is cheaper? Do the timings suit your itinerary? Instead of floundering about looking for information on different websites, use Rome2rio for a quick comparison of different transport options. Commuting in a foreign country will never be easier.

GOOGLE MAPS If you’re on a road trip or using local transport, it’s best to stay updated on matters such as traffic conditions, road closures and peak hours. With Waze or Google Maps, you can avoid hazards and slowdowns, and take the fastest route to your destination.

TRIPIT Keep track of all your travel details such as flights, hotels, tours and car rentals with a single app. Simply forward all related emails to your account and the app will use the data to create a master itinerary that will help you stay organised. It’s perfect for long trips and frequent travellers.

SPLITTR If you’re travelling in a group, Splittr is a great tool to calculate and divide your shared expenses. It supports multiple currencies, works offline and can be set to sync across devices, and the entire group can access the spending information at the touch of a button.